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The studio

Located in Paris, around the traditional neighborhood of stringed-instrument makers (near Saint-Lazare railway station), Studio Lecoq is a calm and friendly place dedicated to creation. No basement or arched cellar here, but a warm and illuminated place for music and voices. Founded at the beginning of 2016, Studio Lecoq is managed by former Studio Elegie’s team. Our company aims to offer quality solutions adapted to your budget, but also an expertise in brand and communication strategy. Our art director Jérémy Lecoq worked several years in media marketing, promotion and communication for the print. This experience is one of our specificities : to integrate your artistic demands while anticipating its operationnal extensions. Musician and composer, he designs your sound production, favouriting classical string orchestrations.

He also leads the voice recording sessions. He will advise you for your voice panel with his 7 years experience : theatre, cinema, voice-over, audio books and teaching projects, advertising, radio, TV contests, audiophone (…).

Audio and music devices

We are equiped with modern audio devices to record in the best conditions. Our recording studio is made of a soundproof ventilated room (8 x 8 feet) treated acoustically (Vicoustic Wave Wood, Bass Traps). An ideal configuration for voice production : radio, voice over, instutitionnal, singing. But also for instrumental sound recordings : guitar and bass guitar, stringed instruments, woods, brass, accordion, harmonica, world music, percussion (…).

Set up :

Mac Pro 6 cores, Two screens + TV monitor
Preamps: Universal Audio / Ridge Farm « Gaz Cooker »
Compressor Ridge Farm « The boiler »
Mics: AKG C414 XLII, Neumann CMV 563 (M7, M8S, M9 capsules), M7S & M8 / Shure SM7B / SM57 / Shotguns Mics « The Hunter » (stereo) / Shure SM7B
Universal Audio Apollo 8 Converters + UAD-2 Satellite with full package plugins
DAW : Logic Studio / Pro Tools 11
Audio Monitors : Genelec 1030, Yamaha MSP5
Bass amp Markbass Momark + Cab 2x10″, Guitar amp Marshall Valvestate 100 V Model 8100  + Cab 4x10″
Guitars : Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, Taylor C414CE, Erlewine Chiquita, Pierre Fontaine Accoustic
Basses : Warwick Steamer Pro M 5 cordes, Status S2 Classic, Warwick Corvette Fretless, Spector Euro 5, Godin LR-Baggs
Various stomp boxes